Tesco Extra opening times, Sandhurst, The Meadows, Marshall Road, Berkshire

Tue 15:14
Open Store currently open and will closed today at 22:30
An important message in connection with the coronavirus in the UK:
Since March 23rd, the UK government has increased measures to prevent the coronovirus and save lives. The website https://www.gov.uk/ contains a list of businesses, shops, banks and other objects to be closed. This list is constantly being updated. Takeaway and delivery services may remain open and operate as described below. Online retailing is still open and encouraged, and the mail delivery and delivery service will operate as normal. We remind you that the information provided on our website is for information purposes only and may not comply with the new rules adopted in connection with the coronovirus threat in the UK. Please take into account that on 10 April,Friday (Good Friday), 13 April,Monday (Easter Monday), 8 May,Friday (Early May bank holiday (VE day) and 25 May,Monday (Spring bank holiday) Tesco Extra in Sandhurst operating hours may change. Use the information here for reference only. We recommend that you call the Store at 0845 6779603 and check the details.
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Address: The Meadows, Marshall Road, Berkshire, Sandhurst

Postal Code: GU47 0FD

Phone: 0845 6779603

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  • Susanne Colwill :: 2020-05-02 ::

    I would like to praise the security man who on Friday about 17.15 helped a older lady. He first went to make sure the bus stayed for her then as she was struggling with her trolley and bag as well as walking with a stick he grabbed the bags and trolley and took them to the bus. He then came back and made sure she got on the bus. What a wonderful and kind gentleman he was.

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