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With the busy lives we're all living, it helps a lot if you know in advance the opening times and the working hours of the UK businesses. It's a waste of time and energy if you rush to a store, hoping to get what you need before you go to work, only to find out that it's not open yet; or, if you need to go to a bank after work, and discover that you've chosen the one which is already closed for the day. That's why Open4U is here: to provide you with the accurate information about the opening times and the working hours of all the businesses in the UK, divided by the categories for your searching convenience.

Open4U is an online directory of all the UK organizations: shops, post offices, banks, cafés, restaurants, travel agencies, and many, many more. Whether you need to find the closest grocery shop, the nearest post office, or to check out a restaurant your colleague mentioned the other day, here you will find not just the opening times and the working hours, but also their phone, address, and the business information. In short, you will quickly find all the relevant information, and you will quickly forget what was it like to waste time because you've arrived too early or too late.
Open4U also lets you search by branches, like Marks & Spencer, The Body Shop, Booths Tea Rooms, Lidl, or any other business operating in the UK, and not only learn their working hours, but also find the one closest to you, with everything you need to know about them.

Never waste time again. Never arrive too early, to late, or rush to a shop which isn't there anymore. Search our directory now, and find all the business information you need.

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