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Address: George Street, East Riding Of Yorkshire, Driffield

Postal Code: YO25 6RA

Phone: 0845 6779221

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  • John Anderson :: 2020-03-17 ::

    I cannot understand how a community minded store has allowed panic buying of essential? Goods. I have seen frail pensioners looking fraught and anxious because they cannot find toilet rolls, eggs, beans etc. Why haven’t Tesco restricted purchase amounts? Why not allow pensioners their own period to shop after the store has restocked.

  • George Lewis :: 2020-03-23 ::

    Why have a special hour set aside for the elderly and needy when the scavengers get in as soon as the store opens clearing ALL the essential items leaving empty shelves. There must be a better/fairer way to let those in need gain access to their basic requirements. This used to be a caring nation but not any more !!

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