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Mon 12:09
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Address: Caird Avenue, Hampshire, New Milton

Postal Code: BH25 6BP

Phone: 0845 6779489

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  • Trevor NEWELL :: 2020-07-09 ::

    Just got back from my local Tesco store & I am furious, they have done away with the arrow system & it is chaos in there, I asked a member of staff why they had done this & was told that people were "just doing what they always used to", so they did away with it. You should be inforceing the rules & guidelines, not pandering to the lowest common denominator. I have been a loyal Tesco shopper for many years but will not return to this or any other Tesco until this pandemic is declared over. I will take my chances & queue up outside my local Co Op.

  • carole :: 2020-09-03 ::

    Will you be getting anymore of those Tesco’s iced coffee costing 80p it’s the only drink I really like but now it’s stopped again

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